Vaping Taxes: Are They Really Necessary?


Vaping Taxes: Are They Really Necessary?

The general tone of the media news that comes out in the US in relation to vaping is largely based on creating fear for the public health concern of vaping. Those against vaping continue to attempt to make claims that lead to more proposed regulations for accessing and taking part in vaping.


In the city of New York, the state government has proposed a new tax on e-liquid in a proposed 2017 budget. For vaping enthusiasts, this is adds to the irritation of the struggle against regulatory actions that continue to attempt to make it harder to buy and use vaping products.


For many vapers, the argument is that these taxes should continue to be directed at more harmful nicotine products, especially smoking. The real challenge here is in the fact that this particular tax is proposed to not just be on nicotine-based e-liquids, but on all forms. The argument from the government is that they are protecting public health to further reduce the instances of smoking cigarettes, as one of the theories is that it is a ‘gateway’ to smoking. Whether or not this is the case has been researched extensively, by those who want more scientific details and those results state that vaping assists in offering smokers a way out of their addiction.


It is apparent that vaping, now more than ever, is a big target for government laws and regulations. The advent of new taxes, such as this example from New York, continues to fuel the battle between ‘public health’ lobbyists and vaping researchers. So are taxes really the right thing to do? Will they really help the battle against cigarette smoking? Or will it make vaping even harder to access for smokers who want to quit? We suggest doing your own research on the studies and assess for yourself the information about the real health effects of vaping. Or venturing to your local vape store to hear the truth about vaping.