Nicotine Consumption – Vaping Versus Other Smokeless Products


Nicotine Consumption – Vaping Versus Other Smokeless Products

There’s no denying that the addictive substance of Nicotine has been, and continues to be, a strong attraction for people. From the past of tobacco chewing and cigarettes, to now smokeless devices such as Vaping E-cigarettes or lozenges, nicotine consumption has evolved throughout the years. The immediate effects of calming the nervous system, activating ‘happy’ brain chemicals and the very ritual and habit of the consumption experience, all add to the popularity of consuming nicotine, despite the many risks associated with the mode of consumption (such as cigarette smoking).


This is why smokeless devices are growing in desirability for nicotine users, as a way to get the hit without running the adverse risk that smoking brings. There are differences in the absorption of nicotine into the body with the varied forms of smokeless tobaccos consumption. Studies have been conducted into the efficiency and levels of nicotine that the body takes in. For tobacco consumption without the smoke, nicotine is absorbed into the mouth. The levels and rate of absorption depend on the direct mode of consumption, such as chewing, swirling or sucking. In comparison to smoking, which gives a spike of nicotine levels within seconds, smokeless products and devices absorb nicotine at a much slower place, which also means that the come down from the nicotine ‘high’ is also a more gradual occurrence. This can be a positive thing for those consuming nicotine from smokeless products, such as vaping.


Vaping can be great for people who are switching to vaping in order to quit smoking, and perhaps looking to quit nicotine for good. Trying to taper down nicotine through vaping is effective in reducing the body’s dependence and addiction to nicotine. The different levels of e-juice make it much more effective than attempting to taper down from smoking. In conclusion, the consumption of nicotine continues to evolve, offering people more alternatives for less health – adverse effects. Choose a non-smoking nicotine option if you’re looking for a healthier alternative.


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