Herbal Vaping And Heating Methods: Which Is The Right One For You?

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Herbal Vaping And Heating Methods: Which Is The Right One For You?

Whether you’re vaping to quit smoking, to enjoy it as a social hobby or for relaxation purposes, there is a wide variety of vaporizers out there to suit every purpose and desire. With it’s growing success around the world, Vape bars and online retailers are constantly coming out with innovative new concepts, designs and flavors. Herbal Vaporizers are becoming the next big thing in vaping – drawing in the avid, health conscious vapor lover with options for dry herbs, waxes or concentrates.


If you’ve chosen to go herbal, you might be aware that there are different types of vaporizing heating methods. While technically, one is not better than the other, there are pros and cons for both methods that are handy to know when you’re making your choice. If you’ve heard of convection and conduction heating, but have no idea what they mean, it’s hard to make an informed decision on which is best for you. Here we simplify the main pros and cons to help you make your choice.


Conduction heating was the first on the scene, using a direct heat source on the herb or wax, converting it to vapor. As the more affordable option, other pro’s include a shorter heating time which means faster vaping for you. The downside is that there is a risk of combustion if not used properly, and it can be slightly tricky to master when first learning to use.


The other form is convection heating, which is heating that doesn’t directly come into contact with the herb or wax, as the heat is filtered through steel or ceramic. This gives an even heating process with less risk of combustion. The cons here are the long heating time and considerably larger price tag. In short – it’s really about personal preference in what suits your lifestyle and vaping needs. Quick and affordable, or expensive and precise. The decision is in your hands, happy vaping!


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